Retro classics, gritty beach cruisers, design cruisers with wooden inserts, colourful accessories: this is the world of Via Veneto!

If you can’t wait to get on a bike, browse through all the Via Veneto bicycles and accessories and choose the ones that suit you best!

  • Intramontabili

    Vintage charm combined with the functionality of a modern bike. The Intramontabili bikes will make your life more dynamic and full of sprint!

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  • Alternative

    Sporty bikes with a unique design to accompany you on all your daily adventures.

    A must.

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  • Sun on the Beach

    Large tyres, low frame, comfortable saddle and wide handlebars for tackling city obstacles or for a relaxing ride on the sand. To go where you want.  

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  • E-bike

    Environmentally friendly, safe and quiet: Via Veneto’s electric bicycles are the perfect allies, both in the city and in the countryside.

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  • Accessories

    Crates, baskets and bags, helmets, saddles and colourful bells: all the accessories to complete the look of your Via Veneto bike!

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