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We are as we were


Simplicity and light-heartedness, vitality and elegance, freedom and passion for life. This is the style of Via Veneto and our bicycles.

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A wide range of vintage bicycles and accessories. From the more traditional and iconic to the sportier designs: browse through the categories and find the Via Veneto bike that suits you best!


  • Villa Borghese

    Inspired by one of the most fascinating places in the Italian capital, Villa Borghese is the Via Veneto city bike that combines elegance and retro style with functionality.

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  • Trackting EVO

    EVO is the smart GPS anti-theft device that locates and protects your bike throughout Europe. Through a dedicated App, you will always know where your e-bike is.

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A bike ride is an escape from sadness.

James E. Starrs

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